Dianne Scoville, Joyce Nichols, Maria Celik and Mary Celik
Left to right: David Nichols, Leslie Nichols, Alexis LaPine, Eva Nichols
Keith Meyer, Beth Meyer, Larry Danforth
Kate Danforth, Russ Danforth
Rhue Nichols, James Nichols, Doris Nichols
Merle Nichols, Jane Nichols
Nancy Godbout, George Lasher, Nathan Tyminski
Buddy and Rhonda Lasher
Calista Tyminski, Charlene Reynolds
Sharon Lasher, David Godbout
Sandy Steel, Heather Steele
Penelope Osgood
Richard Sumner, Martha Sumner, Jean Tilford, Nelson Tilford
Amanda Sanford, Richie Osgood, Scott Nichols
Phil Manitta, Laura Manitta
Sanomara Spitzig, Anthony Spitzig, Gabriel Spitzig
Simon Spitzig, Lorelie Spitzig, Sebastian Spitzig
Doris makes a point at the business meeting
Your Officers: VP- Sandy Steele, Pres Pro-tem, Butch Danforth, Sec – Calista Tyminski, Treasurer for Life, Scott Nichols
Laura Manitta (2nd Donald)
Dianne and Steve Scoville (33d Roy/Merwin)
Rhue Nichols
Keith Meyer (2nd Louise/Beth)
Ian Danforth (3rd Louise/Run), Butch Danforth (2nd Louise)
Beth Meyer (2nd Louise)
David Godbout (3rd Florence/Sharon/Nancy)
Lorelei and Sebastian Spitzig (Leslie/Shawn/Sonomara)
Michael Celik (5th Roy/Merwin/David/Mary/Ellen)
Heather Steele (3rd Harold/Sandy), Jane Nichols (1st Harold), Nelson Tilford (2nd Ruth)
Newlyweds Jenny and Nick White (3rd Roland/Kathie)
Mike and Ken Nichols (2nd Roland)
Nelson and Jean Tilford (2nd Ruth)
Nathan Tyminski (4th Florence/Sharon/Nancy) D Scott Nichols (2nd Donald), Russ Danforth (2nd Lousie)
Sharlene Reynolds (2nd Florene), Calista Tyminski (4th Florence/Sharon/Nancy)
Kelsey Nichols (3rd Leslie/Ralph) Ralph and Mary Jane (2nd Leslie)
Joyce Nichols (2nd Roy/Merwin)
Sanomara Spitzig (3rd Leslie/Shawn, Sebastian Spitzig (4th Leslie/Shawn/Sanomara)
Mary Ellen Celik (4th Roy/Merwin/David), Mike Nichols (2nd Roland)
Esther Nichols (1st Leslie)
Chris Bloch (2nd Donald/Kalista)
Richard Sumner (2nd Ruth/Martha)
Kalista Bloch (2nd Donald), Martha Sumner (2nd Ruth), Sharlene Reynolds (2nd Florence), Sandy Steele (2nd Harold)
Joel Danforth (3rd Louise/Russ)
Merle Nichols (2nd Leslie), Sharon Lasher (2nd Florence)
The twins – Sharlene Reynolds & Sharon Lasher (2nd Florence), Esther Nichols (1st Leslie), Merle & Mack Nichols (2nd Leslie)
Gabriel Spitzig (4th Leslie/Shawn/Sanomara)
Stacy Godbout (David Godbout’s daughter)
Reagan Godbout, Buddy, Rhonda, James, Nancy, David and Nathan
Buddy Lasher, Nancy Godbout, George Lasher (3rd Florence/Sharon)
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