We Can Dig It!


For water, gas and sewer line installations, water drainage work, driveway installations (gravel or concrete), land clearing and building demos.

Home remodels and repairs. New flooring (vinyl and tile). Bathroom remodels. Porches, decks and privacy fences. Hot water heater and toilet installs. Replacement windows.

Weekly mowing. Landscape maintenance (pruning and mulching). New landscape installs including plantings, hardscape work, patios and retaining walls.

Concrete driveway, sidewalk and garage pad parging. Interior and exterior basement walls.

A Little Bit About Toby and the Crew

Our overall goal regarding each job we do for our customers is pretty simple – and It looks something like this:

“Do an excellent job at a fair price”

But that’s pretty surface level and it’s probably something that every contractor would tell you, whether they’re a landscaper, builder, excavation business or some combination of all of these (such as we are). So let us explain a little bit more…

Quality, Safety and the Refusal to Cut Corners

As far as we are concerned, safety and quality construction is equally, if not MORE important than aesthetics! And BELIEVE us when we tell you…we take the visual appeal of our workmanship very seriously. In our minds, a job is NOT a quality job unless and until every detail is done correctly.

This is our way of being right up front and telling you that we DO NOT skimp or CUT CORNERS in any way shape or form, even if we are asked to do so. When we build something for you whether it’s an addition to your house or a retaining wall in your yard, it is our intention that it not only looks top notch but that it serves its function and that it will last for you for years to come. After all, the jobs we do are a reflection of us as a business!

Meticulous Work Environment

Something else that will quickly come to your attention about Toby’s crew is our strict attention to keeping our work area clean during the job as well as at the end of each day. We are home owners too and we realize that we are guests on your property. For this reason our crew checks and double checks to make sure that we leave our work areas better than when we found them.

We are adamant about this for many reasons but the two biggest are:

  1. As mentioned, we are home owners too! And, face it, there is nothing more annoying than a crew you’ve hired and put your trust in, leaving their lunch wrappings blowing around the yard!
  2. We believe this is something that actually sets us apart from most other crews in the same business

We Understand Cost!

Let’s take a look at the elephant in the room. Sometimes a project costs more than what you originally anticipated. That’s true in every area of life, isn’t it?

We understand that not everyone has lots of cash on hand all the time. We also know that not everyone wants to (or can) take out an equity loan to cover a job that would truly beautify their property or get things in the proper working order that they should be.

For this reason we are no longer a cash-only business. After careful consideration we have decided to process credit card payments via SQUARE. You can simply pay our crew right at the time of the job; simple as that.

What We Do


Let us do the work so that you can enjoy it! We are the local experts in Sayre, PA! We love to beautify the outdoor space of your property whether it’s your long-term home or a home you’re looking to sell and get the best price for. From patios to trees; from retaining walls to water features – we do it all!


Whether it’s building your dream project for you right on your very own property or simply giving your existing structure a nice upgrade, Toby’s is the crew you want to do business with.

Bathroom remodels, new additions, new windows, replacement windows, new deck construction, storm doors and all points in between, there is no project we won’t discuss with you. AND, once completed, there is no property that we won’t leave looking (and being) better than it was when we found it.

To see more, jump to our work samples page!


Toby’s Crew can take care of any and ALL of your excavation, digging and demolition needs. Is it required that you dig for a gas line? No problem. How about trenches for pipes such as water, sewer or gas? We have you covered. Perhaps you’re in need of something even bigger? Digging for a new foundation? A french drain? You name it and chances are that our crew can put your mind at ease.

I’d like to personally thank you, Toby, for your excellent work on the designing and creating a custom fit shower for my tenant who needed special railings In order to make his life easier. The ceramic tile looks absolutely wonderful in the bathroom. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I highly recommend Toby’s Contracting, Excavating and Landscaping to the next person looking for custom bathroom remodeling. Kim Chebalo Elmira, NY
Kim Chebalo

Bathroom Remodel

Toby Lee has been my landscaper for 9 years. He and his crew do an excellent job. I was thrilled to learn he was also doing work inside homes and have been satisfied with all his work. He painted my entire downstairs as well as laid new kitchen tile in my kitchen. Always professional and clean, he is now going to take on a larger project in my upstairs. I would highly recommend Toby.
Joan Smith-Reese

Landscaping and interior work

Toby does lawn maintenance at my house as well as plows snow and I am completely satisfied. In the summer his staff shows up once a week as promised, they are always courteous and friendly, they take care of my yard efficiently and I don’t have to worry about it. He also trims my fruit trees and has removed a tree. In the winter when it snows I can count on him to plow my driveway every time.

The paint was peeling around my shower. I contacted Toby with my concern and he came to look at the issue. He took the time to talk me through several options. He gave me a free estimate for a couple of ideas and answered all of my questions. Once I chose to have him install tile he showed me colors and patterns. He did the work on time and cleaned up so well after the job that I didn’t even know he was at my house. I will be contacting him to tile the backsplash in my kitchen. Thank you!

Shannon Hilliker

Lawn Maintenance & Plowing

Toby and his guys have been some of the most professional people I’ve ever dealt with. He’ done everything on my property from brand new landscaping, to digging and leveling our pool. From rock patios, landscaping to digging; Toby and his guys do it all. There is no other company I’d recommend first.
Dustin Root

Property Maintenance and Upgrades

Thanks for stopping by our website! We hope that you’ll bookmark us and reach out for all of your construction, landscaping and general needs. We pride ourselves in great work and great customer service and we look forward to hearing from you.
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