This work/website is a compilation of work by many members of the Ransom and Minnie Nichols family since the formation of the family association in 1953. This work is meant to provide insight to the changes that have occurred in the family and in our lives since the formation of the family association.
This website is an incomplete work for several reasons;

  • Some minutes are missing
  • For some reunions I have no pictures
  • There will be more to add as the reunions continue

If anyone has copies of some of the missing minutes I will gladly include them. If anyone has pictures of reunions past that they want to add especially ones with no photos, get me copies and we will see what we can do.

There are multiple people to thank for this document;

All of the past secretaries who managed to keep the secretary’s book without losing it

My mom, Aunt Louise to many of you, whose scrap books provided many pictures

Aunt Jane, who provided me with 7 albums of old reunion photos and who had labeled them so I could label them in turn

My wife, Kate, who graciously provided me with the scanner that, was invaluable in putting all of this information in one place.

Finally, I need to say that this work has not been edited as closely as I would have liked, since I am trying to meet my own self-imposed deadline.

Therefore, this version will be labeled 1.01 and anyone who successfully bids on this work will receive the periodic updates for next two years, at least.

I hope you enjoy looking through this as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

Ernie (Butch) Danforth
June 2008


Here you will find volumes of the Nichols Family Newsletter beginning in October of 2003. We will try to continue adding them here as they become available.

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