Sunday P.M.

(Addressed for the first time to Sergeant Myron J. Whittemore. Postmarked Oct. 22, 1917)

Dear Bro. Sergt.

I’ve been wondering how many more names you will accumulate in the course of your like – Ike, Cy, and now Sergeant. Which do you like best?

Well how have you put in the day? Bessie asked me today what I supposed you were doing and I said, “doing Boston.” I wonder which of you three enjoyed it the most. I hope you didn’t think Ransom and Bert “backed out” on going for they didn’t — Ransom could have gone in another week if Edwin could have waited but he didn’t know they were going until the arrangements were all made. Never mind, they will come yet if I have my way. I hope they can go next Saturday but don’t know for sure yet – will let you know when I find out for sure.

You may be sure I enjoyed your letter immensely – in fact all the family did. Have you any idea how many girls you mentioned in your letter? I counted 23. SOME LIST. You don’t mean to say they ALL write to you? If they do you MUST be busy, I have always read how bright the Boston girls are but I think it must extend to the rest of the Mass. girls. That certainly was a great letter you received and I think E.T. a match for most of them.

I’m glad you have a nice comforter for I was afraid you would be cold. Be careful not to catch cold. Do you have real heavy underwear? I should think you’d need it with just khaki suits. I think you told me you had a find big overcoat.

Have you been inoculated for the third time yet? Hope it didn’t make you sick. Never mind it’s in a good cause.

Florence wants me to tell you that she hemmed the dish towel in your comfort bag.

Did it rain down there Friday night? We went to Argyle to supper at the Grange and the wind blew a gale going down and then it was raining awfully when we came back. I took your comfort bag down to send one to Ed and was a little afraid it would get wet.

I shall be sorry when the auto season is over – am afraid I’ll have to stay at home more then. We started out about half past three this afternoon went to Hudson Falls out the Mud St. road to Smith’s Basin and then home. Not a very long ride but just enough to make us all feel better.

Baby Leslie is progressing all the time. He creeps all over and climbs up on his feet once in a while by chairs and things. Ransom is not nearly through potato digging but is getting along fairly well. He thinks he will have nearly one thousand bushels. That will help out some.

I think you must have better feed than you did at first. That menu for supper made me hungry.

Well I must close I guess for this time. I tell you it makes me feel pretty nifty to say, “My broth, Sergeant Whittemore.”

Lots of Love

The boys say to tell you that if all goes well they will be down next Sat. I’ll write you again in a day or two and let you know some thing more definite.