Tuesday P.M., Fort Edward, NY

(Postmarked October 10th, 1917)

Dear Uncle Myron

Mama received your letter today. I read it. We picked out the words of I may be gone A Long Long time. I don’t suppose you can read my letter very well. I like the record very much. How do you like it down there I don’t think that I would. It must be lonesome. I am glad that I am not old enough. You would probably like to go to France but I hope you won’t. But if you have to go I suppose you probably cannot help yourself.

I helped pick sixty nine bushels of potatoes. I do wish you would not have to go. But if you do I wish I could go with you. But I could not if I wanted to. Well I won’t let the folks forget to send you things. If there is anything that I can do for you I wish you would say so. I would be very glad to do anything for you that I can. Get well acquainted with some of the fellows so you will be able to have more fun. Do you have very much time to yourself. How do you like your suit. I will have to hurry up and finish my letter because I will have to go to bed. I suppose you know I took a calf to the fair. Well I received my five dollars for the premium today. It came in a check. We have two weeks of vaccation this week and next. We have had better luck with our heifer calves this year. We have two out of three. One was a twin it came in the field. It came with a bull and we cannot register it unless it has a calf. Well it is five minutes after eight and I will have to go to bed pretty quick. The other heifer is petty near all white. Today was very cold down here. Did you ever have any target shoting. Well I will have to stop or they will make me say good-by and take good care of your cold.

With love,
LeRoy Nichols

P.S. Did you ever hear Shenandoah if you never did write and we will send you the words of it if you want them. Good-by


(The following, in Minnie’s hand, was enclosed in the same envelope: )

I may be gone for a long, long time

Goodbye dear I’m leaving you today,
Don’t cry dear, just dry those tears away,
Duty calls and I must obey
But I’ll always hope and pray
While I’m sailing for across the sea
Will you always think of me?


I may be gone for a long, long time
Long, long time, long, long time
But when I go you will know
That I always pine
For the day when you will be mine,
Be true to me for a long long time,
Rain or shine, sweetheart mine,
And I’ll be just as true to you
As to the Red, White and Blue
Though I’m gone for a long long time

Some day dear when I come back to you
We will build a little home for two
Then we’ll settle down, dear, for life
Far away from care and strife

Cheer up, dear, and when I’m far away
Don’t forget to write each day

This is as near as I can get it.