Sunday Eve

(Postmarked November 6th, 1917)

My dear Myron:-

I’ve been wondering all day where you are and what you have been doing. Probably you have been busy all day. It has been nice today but cold. I expected to have to stay alone all the while Ransom was gone and the girls and I went into the house cleaning for all we were worth yesterday. Almost four o’clock we were getting done when we heard and auto coming and who should it be but Jen Edwin and the girls. Jen and Kenneth staid with me all night and Ruth went home with them to help Marion keep house. They came back to dinner today and left here almost three o’clock to go over to Ed’s to call on the way home.. Maybe Jen and I didn’t visit last night and this morning! It did us both good I think. Tonight though we are alone but I don�t mind, I’ll have enough to keep me busy tomorrow.

I should think you’d be busy with your study in the evening too. Well I suppose it can’t be much harder than it was in college but I’ll bet you don’t enjoy it as well but you can feel that you are “doing your bit.”

The kids are popping corn and I’ve got to fix it for them. They seem to think they have got to do some thing to put in time while their father is gone.

Jen brought down the bunch of Boston pictures and they are good. I only hope you could get some good ones for me.

O I forgot to tell you! Marie McCall Gibson was over to Dean’s a while ago and called me up to inquire for you. She said “It broke her father all up to know you had to go – he and papa were such great friends.” They wanted to be remembered to you and have you drop them a card if you ever had time. Yes it WAS nice of Dr. Pashley to write to you. I think he is a fine man anyway.

Myron, I’ve been thinking, why don’t you send me pictures of all of the different girls and let me study them over and PERHAPS I could help you reach some decisions in regard to them. I’d be willing to try.

Are you coming home for Christmas? I do hope you can. If you don’t I don’t believe the rest of us will try to get together. You are the connecting link that unites us all.

Well, I am going to stop wasting your time and paper and say good night.

As ever