Fort Edward, N.Y.
March 24, 1918

(Postmark Illegible)

Dear Uncle Myron:-

Do you get good feed down there now? Uncle Ed and Aunt Bessie and Lois were over to dinner today. We are anxious for it to dry up so we can drive our car. We have nine trees tapped. It didn’t run very awfully good at first, but are running good now. We have two quarts of “Maple Syrup.” The people up to the other house have nine trees tapped too. Did you get the apples that papa sent you. Louise has gone to lay down. Papa & Roy and Dave are still milking. Uncle Ed brought back one record and took the Edisons home with them. We made ice cream today for dinner.

We hope that you won’t have to be in the war long.

Very well.

Donald Nichols