Wed. Noon

(Postmarked March 16th, 1918)

My dear Brother:-

I’m going to write just a line while I’m waiting for the mail man. Yesterday I got the nicest birthday present from just the NICEST brother — you can’t imagine how pleased I was with it. I’d have written you last night only I spent as much time in “Camp Devens” that I didn’t have time. I wasn’t expecting anything from you for I didn’t see how you could remember or bother with birthdays while you are in the army. But I might have known better. I don’t believe any one ever had a more thoughtful brother than my brother in the army is. It reconciles me to growing old to have such nice remembrances on my birthdays. And there is nothing — unless it is a picture of yourself — that I’d rather have than pictures and descriptions of Camp Devens.

I am sending you a box of doughnuts today. Hope they get through all right.

It’s just a beautiful day but so sloppy under foot that I don’t dare go around much.

Well it’s time for mail so I’ll have to hurry and get this ready to go. Thanking you once more I am as ever.

Your loving sister