Artwork created from MY OWN photography utilizing Photoshop, Illustrator and
anything else at my disposal. High Resolution creations available in a variety of formats.

I am Marc, a Bonafide Bird-Nerd.

Also a Bonafide lover of art. I love looking at it. Listening to it. Creating it. And so I thought…what better thing to fulfill my soul than handcuffing 2 of my passions together?

I enjoy (as you may already know) giving birth to artistic creations by hand, primarily with colored pencils, as well as digitally – by manipulating my own bird photography. Both are extremely fun for me and I would be hard pressed to choose which I like better!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy Looking through my creations and I hope that perhaps you’d consider one of my pieces as a nice adornment to your home or office. If you do…please send me a picture! Nothing would be more gratifying!