Sunday eve. Jan 27

(Postmarked Jan 28, 1918)

Sunday eve. Jan 27

My dear Myron:-

I believe nearly every Sunday is COLD -it’s 6:35 now and the thermometer is 12 degrees below zero now and going down all the time. You’re wise to stay in the hospital where you can keep warm – perhaps. I think you certainly have some reason for staying there. How are the “whoops” coming on?

I had a letter from Bob Taylor last week thanking me for the cake (he SAID it tasted great but I think it was about six days getting there). I surely don’t envy him at all. He told about coming in from the rifle range ten miles thru mud and water up to his knees and 40 lbs. on his back besides his rifle. The next time they went out, he said he went to bed about 6:30 and woke at 10:30 pm with the wind blowing a gale and raining, thundering and lightening like everything. He thought the tent would be blown to pieces. He said the report was going through the camp there that there was going to be a split up – some sent to Spartansburg and some north for guard duty.

Dr. Stillman of Argyle was in here a little while this morning and he told me they received a letter from their son Kenneth Last week. It was mailed in Eng on Dec 26 – took about three weeks to get here. He was expecting to go to France soon so he is probably there now – he is in the artillery. Dr. is on the exemption board in the south district and said they had received a telegram Friday telling them to hurry up the examinations for the next bunch. Well I wish I had the Kaiser shut up somewhere.

Bert got your letter last night and told me how the mails work down there. I hope some of the boys come up to see you real often. Ed got his letter yesterday too.

Ransom got his new records the other day – Victor’s – one is “Hello Frisco” & “Jane” and the other is that one Ed has. “Go to Sleep My Dusky Baby” & “Rockin’ Time.” Both are good.

I am sorry you can’t go to that training school – particularly as I thought if you were in that we’d know where you were until Apr. any way. O well, maybe you will get a permanent job at the hospital. You’ve been there so long I should think they’d hate to lose you.

Don’t forget that you MUST come home before they move you anywhere else.

You know I’m more than glad to hear from you when I can but I won’t worry now if we don’t hear very often. Only if you should ever be VERY sick – ask someone to sent us just a card to let us know. It would help us so much. You see we were so sure that you’d write if you could that we thought it must be that you were not able to write.