Jan 12, 1919

(Postmarked January 13th, 1919)

My dear Brother:-

Well how I’d like to know where you are — if you are started for home or still waiting over there. I haven�t seen any account of your Div. starting for home yet but perhaps it hasn’t been published as I’m sure I couldn’t have missed it, I’ve been watching every paper. Never mind we can wait if we only know you ARE coming.

Have just been talking with Bessie and she doesn’t know whether to write you or not. It does seem unlikely your ever getting these letters. I see in the papers that there are millions of letters in France which have never reached the soldiers and which will be returned to this country to the Dead Letter office and eventually to the senders. Think you must have a few hundred in that bunch. I got a card from Aunt Jennie yesterday and she had a letter from Warren written Dec. 12 and she said the last letter he had received from home was dated Sept. 12. He doesn’t have much idea when he’ll be home. Howard was coming Mon. or Tue. for an eight day furlough, so he can’t be having his discharge yet. Bessie is pretty well over the “flu” but Ed is in bed with it now — he is doing nicely though. He was taken Tue. night and has been in bed ever since but that’s the only safe place to stay with that disease. Bessie said he got the book “Yankee” from France yesterday and had read it all through today.

We are still making butter, as the milk strike is not settled. We made about 75 lbs. last week. It means some work but we feel we are fighting for our rights.

Of course you have received news of Theodore Roosevelt’s death. I think the country has lost a great man.

We have been having some pretty cold weather lately — the thermometer going down to 15 degrees and 12 degrees below two different mornings.

Well I want to write to Aunt Jennie tonight so guess I’d better close this. You’ll probably never see this anyway.

As ever yours