Fort Edward, NY

My dear Uncle Myron:-

I hope you are better by this time, you have had quite a time of it. I suppose you are pretty weak. I am on the sick list today. Papa has gone to Ft. Edward with a load of potatoes. It is colder today. Haven’t we been having some cold weather. But I suppose you don’t notice it much because you are in the hospital. Everybody is sick up here. I hear you have your clothes on. We were surprised when Uncle John called up and said he had been talking with you. (was you surprised?) (We were) Aunt Bessie wouldn’t believe mamma when she told her. We are going to have a new man his name is Dave Ballard, I think he has worked for Duane Hall. Our school is small now because so many are sick. Roy and I passed our examinations. We were glad. It was the sixth grade. Grandma isn’t getting along very well since she has had the grip. I will send you the wash rag that I was knitting for you. I meant to send it to you at Xmas time but I thought you wouldn’t get it so I didn’t send it. Did you ever get the box of candy that we sent to you? They have a KID up to Guillery’s it is a boy. Mrs. Guillery said just as soon as the baby was born Arthur started their Victor the name of the record was “I am glad I’m a boy”. Arthur said the baby was worth a thousand dollars. He said to mamma another thousand dollars. There is another boy for Uncle Sam. Papa is getting a dollar a bu. for potatoes. I am tired now. I will send my letter with mama Sunday. This is Thur. now. Good-bye Uncle Myron.

Yours truly
Ruth Nichols

P.S. We went to church with the Robertsons last Sunday. Mr. Gordon was the preacher last Sunday.