Sunday Eve

(Postmarked February 14th, 1918)

My dear Brother:-

I’m waiting for the water to boil before I can make some “mush” for supper so guess I’ll start your letter while Baby is good. He hasn’t been very well these last few days again but not sick like he was before. He hardly got over that other sick spell before this commenced so he looks pretty white and thin. I hope he gains now. I’ve been wondering if you are out yet — the last we’ve heard was the card Jen got which was written Tue. So you MIGHT be out by this time. I got out today for the first time since before Christmas — but I haven’t been sick. We have had so much snow and cold weather and the children have had colds so I just COULDN’T get out. I went to call on a neighbor and I hope the visit did her as much good as it did me. I had got to feeling sort of sorry for myself – you know one does once in a while — but I found Mrs. Mahaffy having so much harder time than I EVER had that it made me ashamed. Last fall she was sick. Then when she was just getting better, got terribly burned — before she got over that her husband had to be taken to the hospital with erysipelas, then her uncle, who lived with her, died, and she has had to keep up and keep things running all winter. Her husband isn’t home yet, part of the time she has had help and part not, only five little children the oldest a little older than Roy. They are well able to hire help if they could get it but it’s not always to be had. THAT’S what I call “doing her bit.”

Did you know that Brodie Burch was dead? He died last Thursday but has been very bad for a long time. Will Martin of Hartford — Harriet Northrup’s grandfather — died last week too. His death was very sudden — apoplexy — and what makes it seem harder his wife is very sick with pneumonia. Harriet is home helping to care for Mrs. Martin. It must be hard for her.

I was talking with Bessie just a while ago and she says Ed is feeling quite a little better. He was dressed and ate dinner with them today — says he is going to look over beans and do chores this week but guess he will have to go a little slow on both of those. Bessie or Lois hasn’t shown any symptoms of measles yet but I don’t see how they can escape it. Are you coming home to act as nurse for them? Bessie said she had her application in for you.

I’m glad you can get out of doors some now – it will help a whole lot to get your strength if you don’t take more cold. You must be VERY careful of yourself.

Well I guess I’m about run down now so will say good night. Hope you are feeling better every day.

As ever