Sunday Eve

(Postmarked December 8th, 1918)

My dear Myron:-

Well I wish you were here tonight to visit and play Sonora — I’d give you some pop corn and MAYBE I’d open the box of candy that Ransom got me yesterday and we’d have a regular old fashioned good time. Ransom is gone — don’t be frightened, he’s coming back. I HOPE — and I want to talk to some body. I took R. – to Hudson Falls this afternoon and he leaves early tomorrow for New York. He is going as a delegate to the Dairyman’s League meeting at Jersey City but the delegates make their headquarters in New York. Ransom tried to persuade me to go with him but I couldn’t hear it as no other delegate from these parts was taking their wives with them so I declined to go. I couldn’t make it seem right to go any way as I would have had to get Ransom’s father and mother to come down to stay with the children and that seems like asking too much of them in this cold weather. My! But I’d LIKE to go though.

Do you notice this heavy mark across this sheet? Just as I got that far, I had a telephone call and while I was answering Baby thought he’d add a word to Uncle Myron, so he crawled up to the desk and made his mark. He’s into some mischief almost every minute of the day — guess he takes after his youngest uncle.

We had several little flurries of snow last week — Wednesday it snowed quite a little and Thursday night and Friday a regular baby blizzard. We drove a cutter today and are running sleighs around the farm, although on the roads one sees almost as many wagons as sleighs and I guess more autos than either. It’s really not very good going for anything — unless it’s a flying machine.

Just a little over two weeks till Christmas — it doesn’t seem possible! I have hardly any plans although I’ve given Ransom his Xmas present already — a Masonic pin. I know he would like to have it to wear to the City so thought I’d give it to him a little ahead of time.

Do you still belong to the 76th Division? How I’d like to know! I saw by the papers that part of the 76th would probably arrive in Camp Devens today and the rest of the division are coming over soon. Miss Pfau SAYS she expects her brother to arrive this week. I really think she must be a very optimistic person as I’m sure all she has to base her hopes on is what the newspapers say about the 76th coming home.

Edith hasn’t been a bit well lately — some trouble the glands of the neck and the last report I heard was that the Dr. talked of an operation but neither John nor Edith care to talk of it over the phone so I have heard nothing definite lately. I hope she soon improves.

Well, Myron, as I’m the “head of the house” tonight, guess I’d better close and see to things a bit. I haven’t opened that candy yet so if you HURRY you may still be in time to get one or two pieces.

Lots of love