Sunday Eve

(Postmarked December 3rd, 1917)

My dear Brother:-

I wonder how I will make it writing tonight. Baby is in my arms and he does not approve of my doing anything but look after him. He has been about sick ever since Tuesday but is some better today. The children have all been having grip and I guess that was the matter with him. I hope he gets better soon for it’s hard to see such a little fellow sick after he has been so active. He commenced walking a week ago today but of course he can’t now.

I received your letter yesterday and to say I was pleased is putting it mildly. You don’t know how nice it seems to have one’s brother write such nice things. I’ll tell you a secret – there was a pretty big lump in my throat when I had read your thanks for that box. It’s so little we can do compared with what we would like to do. THANK YOU for what you said – even if I didn’t deserve it.

My! What a Thanksgiving dinner you must have had. It makes me hungry to think about it. I’ll bet all the boys did justice to the food. Not many of you left though. We didn’t have a very big dinner – just roast chicken and all that goes with it and ice cream and cake. I asked Ransom’s mother, father, grandfather and grandmother down.

I hope you can get off for several days at Christmas time and rest assured you WILL get over to Ed’s some way for I think we all realize that THAT is your home and we’ll do all that we can to see that you get there. I’m glad you do feel so for Ed and Bessie have done all they can to make it home for you. We must try to all get together somewhere so we will all have a chance to see you and I really think that it would be most convenient for everybody to come here – you know I’d be glad to have them. Grace says, “We’ll go any where to do any thing to see Myron.”

However, it doesn’t matter we’ll arrange it after we find when you can come home and how long you can stay. If they all come here we can meet you at Hudson Falls and you can go to Ed’s from here.

Thanks for naming the pictures for me. I’m going to order the rest as soon as I have them.

I’d like to hear that song you spoke of. We haven’t got any new records lately. Well Baby is getting pretty fussy so guess I’d better cut it short. Hope to see you soon.


P.S. Ethel Green is here visiting and she says to give you her best regards.