Fort Edward, N.Y.
April 7, 1918

(Postmarked Illegible)

Dear Uncle Myron:-

I hope you are well and strong. We are using the milker now. We have had one blow out and another was so bad that he changed it. It had only one thickness of cardbord. We had a whole in one of our inner tubes. And patched it but it leaked so we put on a new one. We like our hired man very much. We have plowed a little he is pretty good at it. He cut my hair last night. He did a pretty good job too. That is I like it very much. I have read about twenty-five books or more. I have knitted a few blocks. I like to do it very much. Our hens have been doing pretty good. We got twenty-five eggs today. I split a lot of our wood. I did not feel very good Saturday I guess I was like Arthur and made a pig of myself. I did not feel like doing very much. In the winter when I was over to Uncle Ed�s I left my fountains and I did not get it back until two weeks ago today. I hope that school will let out before June so that I will not have to try exams in June. I suppose I will have to stop now because it is time for bed. Oh say how do you like our new time. I do not mind getting up at seven by the new time. Well the rest are ready to go to bed so I will have to go too. Good night.

Your Nephew
LeRoy Nichols