Fort Edward N.Y.
R.F.D. # 2
April 25, 1918

(Postmark Illegible)

Dear Uncle Myron:-

Last Monday was my birthday and Mama gave me a box of writing paper. She said she wanted to get a box of candy but I am glad she bought me the writing paper. And Grandfather gave me two handkerchiefs one was trimmed around the edge with pink. We are having a nice time since we have had to stay home account of the scarlet fever. Louise and Leslie have a head cold. And all the rest of us are all rite. Leslie likes to get into some mischief. Roy and Donald are up to grampas and Roy is lonesome. Wed. night Roy and Donald came down to help papa milk and after they were through milking papa took the auto out to take the boys back but when he got up to Robs he couldn’t go any further so the boys had to walk the rest of the way. I have been fixing potatoes and momma guesses that she won’t see you when you come home. We have been getting quite a lot of eggs and the highest is 29. We have four roosters. I guess I will close now.

Your Niece