How I Began Healing
A Broken Heart & Soul

A few months ago, on a whim, I clicked on one of those ADs you see in the beginning of YouTube videos. You know the ones where the person is telling you how they created financial freedom for themselves – among a myriad of other good things?

In this particular ad, the person was offering to send, via email, a free 7 day video series that would describe how their business, in this case an online marketing training platform, actually works.

The name of this particular company is The Six Figure Mentors, also referred to as The SFM. You may have heard of them?

Let Me Rewind Just A Bit…

Before I talk very much about my experience with The SFM and the 7 day video series, I will just explain a few things about myself briefly…

You may or may not be aware that YouTube advertisers try to place their ads to coincide with videos they feel fit well with the type of product or service they’re offering. For example, if a person is watching videos about home repair they are likely to see video ads by Home Depot. You get the point.

Well, in my case I was looking to change my life! In profound ways. So videos about changing one’s life are what I was watching. Thank goodness this particular advertiser chose the types of videos that I was watching to place their message.

You see, I’ve had a very traumatic past. I was, and still am, in a lot of physical pain. I have a chronic back problem, I suffer from chest pains, have joint issues and problems with my sleep patterns, too.

Emotionally, too I have felt heart broken because I have lost so many close family members over the years.

On top of my physical and emotional pain, I am living in a very complicated relationship.

Until this point in my life I have dealt with my sorrows alone.

Back to The SFM

Anyway, after I clicked on that YouTube ad, I decided to take a chance and check out the free 7 days video series that had been mentioned. After the initial video I watched, I went on to receive one video a day to my email inbox for the next 7 days.

That videos series has been life changing for me, and because of it I decided to actually jump right in and join The SFM when the 7 days were over!

As the name The Six Figure Mentors implies, their course is a system of entrepreneurship. It is a coaching/education system that teaches people to make money in the digital age and in the digital economy.

But in reality…that only (barely) scratches the surface of what the SFM REALLY is.

I am currently working my way through all of the information offered to me by The Six Figure Mentors. By “information” I am referring to the business system that the SFM offers. I can tell you this much about my experience so far, for sure – I have not looked back or regretted my initial decision to investigate this business opportunity.

Beyond the education and the money making potential

Beyond just being an amazing business opportunity, the SFM has also opened the door for my healing process as a person.

How, you ask?

When you become part of the SFM you join not ONLY its leaders but an entire community of others that are committed to the same or a similar type of journey. It was partially through this community that I have been able to begin working through my healing process.

For example, I was introduced to a closed Facebook community where I could attend different types of trainings and learn from life coaches who motivate and guide me along with other community members.

I participate in a 90 day video challenge where I post 1 video each day and share my thoughts, experiences and challenges I face both in my daily life as well as in learning the information the SFM teaches. The group also provides masterminding and accountability partners to each other.

Currently, I am doing a 30 day challenge which is all about changing your habits. It focuses on such things as getting enough sleep, eating healthfully, waking up early, along with trainings and meditations in order to stay focused and happy.

I was also introduced to leaders in healing, motivational speakers and different types of books that really have been life changing for me.

The first speaker I found through the community, and that really touched my heart, was Dr Wayne Dyer. In one of his videos he talks about how the spirit or soul never dies and since I had been seeking this sort of information (and comfort) this inspired me a lot! I started to listen to more of his audio books such as The Secret, The Power of Intention, and Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. I also watch as many of his videos on YouTube as I can.

In Conclusion

I believe that in order to succeed in all your areas of your life you need to have a plan for each one! A plan for your business, a plan for your health, a plan for your relationship etc. For me it starts with a plan for healing myself, getting back to my inner soul and finding peace.