Sunday P.M.

(Postmarked October 22nd, 1917)

Dear Brother:-

I received your card yesterday and did I read it right, that you are a SERGEANT now? That’s SPLENDID but don’t call it “luck”, it’s MERIT. If they know you as well as we do you would have had that position long ago. That is not the first officer is it? Write me all about it when you can. Accept my congratulations.

Hasn’t this been a beautiful day. We went to church today and I would have like to go farther.

I think the boys are planning to come down next week or the week after. I hope it warms up a little before then so that it will be pleasanter. Ransom won’t get through digging potatoes this week but I guess he will go when the rest are ready. We will certainly send some of them out this fall.

We are getting things together for your “comfort bag” and hope soon to have it ready to send.

Have had callers so guess I’ll have to cut my letter short. John McKernon, wife, daughter and sister-in-law came for a short call.

It surely seems good to have phone service with Argyle again and be able to talk to Ed and Bessie when we want to. Bessie sent me these pictures of you and Ed that she took when you were home. They are great aren’t they? Ed looks like a professor something or other.

Did you know any of the last bunch of boys beside the Hartford boys? I think the next lot go the 19th or 20th. The papers are talking that they will have the next draft in Dec. or Jan. I suppose Ed will have to be examined then but don’t have any idea that he’ll pass.

I’m glad you liked that parody on “Mother.” I have so little of interest to write about that I have to piece out with some such things that I find that I think you’ll care to read.

Write to me when you have time – I think you ARE doing splendidly in that regard. You know we are interested in every thing that occurs down at camp. How shall we address things to you now, will it be Sergeant M.J. Whittemore?

With Love