Sunday Eve

(Postmarked Nov. 19, 1917)

My dear Brother:-

How have you put in the day I wonder? It started out to be beautiful this morning but wasn’t so nice tonight. We went out to church this morning then this afternoon went up to So. Hartford for a cheese we had ordered and called at Dean’s a minute on the way home. When we got back as far as Delehanty’s we decided to make a call there. We went in and made quite a little visit and were shown over the whole house. My! But it’s some place – the best spot of all though is the porch on the south – enclosed, or WILL be – with a radiator and an IMMENSE big fireplace, it’s simply fine. The big living room has a fireplace of the same size and two – I think they call them French windows – big windows that reach the floor and open like doors – besides two large windows in front. The dining room, which is on the north, is quite large and that also has a fireplace. Back of that is the BIG pantry kitchen, laundry, breakfast room, dumb waiter that goes from cellar to attic and plant room. These rooms are all in an addition they have built on to the main house which has a hall running through the cent from the front of the house back to the wood shed which is on old shed moved out to the end of the house. IN the main part there is a beautiful large hall (as large as an ordinary room) and nice staircase. Upstairs is nice too with two big front rooms with a bathroom off each. Mr. And Mrs. D. will have electric warming pads so they won’t be too cold. Her sewing room is upstairs and she has the old secretary that was in the sitting room put up there to keep her sewing materials in. I don’t know as you are interested in the house but I was and thought perhaps you’d like to hear about it.

Friday night we went to Adamsville to a Y.M.C.A. meeting – supper and speeches by Clif. Higley, Harry Broughton, and C.H. Whittemore. Mrs. O. E. Campbell was the head of the concern and asked Ransom to tell something about his trip down there – he told her he couldn’t but to ask Bert. Bert did splendidly. I think they got about $20 from just their supper. Ed was telling me that Judge Rogers spoke in North Argyle church today and got $230 in subscriptions just there. No one has been here soliciting yet so we will have to send ours in.

I have received my Boston pictures and they are fine – all but the one of you alone. Only one blank in the lot. I’m going to send them to you and I wish you would mark them so I can tell what they are, Ransom and Bert can’t remember all of them. Send them back to me and let me know how many you want finished up. I’m not in a hurry you know just when you have time. I think a lot of the pictures but I want to know what they are. I’m sorry that one of you alone wasn’t good but I’ll get one of Jen’s.

Well it’s bed time and I’ve a big washing to do tomorrow so guess I must say goodnight. I hear you have the heat turned on now and I am glad. When we have it so warm here I don’t like to think you were cold down there.

I hear you have an invitation to Boston for next week for Thanksgiving. That’s fine and I hope you can go. We’re all hoping to see you at Christmas time.

THIS time I am going to quit.

As ever

As regards the girls, I’ve come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t decide on any certain one yet if I were you. Considering that box you received from “one” I’m afraid it might result in cutting off supplies. Better keep on good terms with them ALL.