Tue. May 28

(Postmarked May 29th, 1918)

My dear Brother:-

Well here I am again. But it’s a business letter this time. You know we talked of coming to Ayer a week from Sat. June 8. Well after we had thought it over we remembered that Ransom is drawn on the jury for June 10, which would be the day we would leave to come home so we couldn’t go then. At last we have decided — Ed, Bessie, Ransom and I — to come down next Sat. June 1, if possible. If we can’t see you or there is any reason why you can’t have us come at that time, send Ransom a telegram at his expense. We want to get started EARLY Sat. morning and will be in Ayer as soon after noon as we possibly can.

Jen and Edwin think it won’t be possible for them to go now — no one to stay with the children or any thing — and I am awfully sorry for I was hoping that they and John’s folks could go too. I’m hoping that the MAY possibly change their minds yet by don’t know.

Is there any thing you would want us to bring you? Let us know if there is and we will bring it to you, if we can.

Well it’s getting toward dinner time and the music teacher is here giving Ruth a lesson so guess I’d better call this off.