Fort Edward, N.Y.
March 3, 1918

(Postmarked March 11th, 1918)

Dear Uncle Myron:-

How are you getting along? Mamma received your letter and Ruth your card. Papa has not milked yet. We took Leslie out doors tonight. We have a good man. He has a circular Edison Machine. It plays round records. We walk up there tonight to here it. Papa got some mustard the other day and I am eating some now. And Papa got a new ice cream freezer. The other day the wind blew the eaves trough off of the house. Lucks fell down and scattered manure all over the barnyard hill. Papa did not get back that windy day until about three o’clock. He had to go around by Dunham’s Basin because the road by the Lime Co. Store was all covered with water from that creek there. Molley threw me off of her back the day that Guillerys left. Mr. and Mrs. Ballard came down and stayed with all the children while papa and Mama and I went to the show Friday night. Louise and Leslie both stayed too. We did not get home until twelve o’clock. We have a big calendar in the dining room. What do you get to eat? Have you received the Smiling Book that Papa was going to send to you? Will you be glad when summer comes? I will. Louise wanted some mustard on a cracker and wanted me to ear it. It is so dark I will have to close.

Yours truly