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Attorney Kevin L. Dixler represents U. S. Immigration clients within the United States and abroad since 1993. He was nominated and named a Thomson Reuters Super Lawyer in immigration for six consecutive years. It is critical to seek timely legal advice from a competent and experienced immigration attorney. Avoid mistakes from being entered into your immigration record with the assistance of a dedicated and experienced immigration attorney.

Important U.S.C.I.S. deadlines, along with changes in law and procedure, take place with little public notice. There are too many rumors in the media that scare immigrants away. Some may be qualified or have difficulty qualifying to immigrate, but remain afraid or poorly informed. Prevent needless delays with a law firm that not only specializes, but devotes its entire practice to immigration and visa law.

The confusing and incomplete instructions for U.S.C.I.S. immigration forms create confusion and uncertainty. Some, even those married to U. S. Citizens, are disqualified from processing their green cards in the United States. Some Applicants who depart to visa process at a consulate can be disqualified for the rest of their lives.

A decision to delay, depart, file or remain in the United States may have serious long term consequences. Mr. Dixler helps to navigate your family or organization through the laws, regulations and procedures with confidence and control. Call us today!

Mr. Dixler specializes in immigration, visa law, citizenship and related matters since 1993. He is a 25 year member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He now serves on AILA’s USCIS National Field Office Operations Committee. Mr. Dixler was nominated and named a Thomson Reuters Super Lawyer in immigration for the last six consecutive years. Many are marriage-based and family immigration clients. However, he is experienced in all aspects of immigration and visa law, with exceptional insight on cancellation of removal and waiver work.


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