Sunday June 2

(Postmarked June 3, 1918)

My dear Brother:-

I see by the calendar that this is “father’s day” but I didn’t think that Father needed a special day set apart for him — I thought every day was Father’s day.

This has been just one glorious day only rather uncomfortably warm but the country is beautiful now. Friday, after I received your telegram, Ransom and I went to Mechanicville. We didn’t start until after dinner but there was a cattle auction Ransom was rather anxious to attend and I wanted the ride — any thing to take away some of the disappointment at not being able to go down to see you. Of course we WE’RE disappointed but one may as well get used to such things and I’m not going to feel bad about it — any more than I can help — I didn’t really feel at all sure any of the time that we would go. I haven’t received your letter yet but I expect I will soon.

Did you get that little bundle of gun wipes? I hope so for I want to send another box soon. I’ll insure this one. I asked Lewis Phelps about your not having to sign for insured parcels and he say it doesn’t have to be done any more — a new ruling.

Ransom, Ruth and Roy took Father and Mother to church this morning.

We are without a man right now — Dave quit yesterday morning — it’s a habit the men seem to have now-a-days as they know that they can get another job without half trying. I can think of five right about now that have changed places already this year. There’s one thing about it — if one changes often enough it doesn’t get monotonous any where. I rather hated to have this fellow quit for until we get another man we can’t be gone over night at all. O well it’s all in a lifetime and he was a poor worker.

Yesterday was Ruth’s birthday — It doesn’t seem possible that she is thirteen years old – – how time does fly.

Dell came down to Father’s today and brought his family. He is down here just now but hasn’t been in the house. He got one of his tires punctured just before he got here and he and Ransom are fussing with that now.

Have you had any fresh strawberries yet? We have had several short cakes last week — field berries too. Ruth has made all the short cakes s far and she thinks she is nearly grown-up.

Well guess I’d better close for now and if I hear any new between now and mail time I’ll write a little more.

Lots of Love


No more news — just another beautiful day — to wash.