Sunday Eve

(Postmarked June 10th, 1918)

Dear Myron:-

I wonder where you are now — 6:30 — on the way back to camp I suppose. Well you have had pretty good weather for your trip — yesterday was beautiful — but I don’t suppose the weather really counted for much after all. There SHOULD have been a rose colored glow over everything. Just the same, I hope you had a glorious time and I don’t see any reason shy you shouldn’t.

Jen tells me she heard from you yesterday and you think every thing looks like going over soon. I can’t say that I am glad but of course it’s what we must expect and will have to make the best of it. Will you be allowed to carry any papers, pictures or any thing of the sort with you? I thought perhaps it would be some time after you leave this country before you get any home mail so I’m sending you a letter to carry with you to open and read when you want a letter from home, and don’t get it. If you are not allowed to carry such things just burn it up for it’s only an ordinary letter.

I got my pictures yesterday and those two of the grenade throwing are fine. I’ll send you one of each and if you want any more let me know.

I was in Glens Falls Friday after noon and saw Dora Yarter in the Boston Store. She inquired for you and asked if you were coming home this week — said that Paul’s sister said he was coming home. She seemed to think it strange that you didn’t remember her — I understood her to say that you said, when you were coming up from Albany, that you didn’t remember her. You didn’t see Dora that time did you? She went to school with me when I taught in the Hines school. I think it’s ED she remembers instead of you. He used to come after me some times.

We still have no man but have our planting nearly done. Ransom goes on jury duty tomorrow but hopes he can get excused. I think that he ought to be let off.

Fayette Dean and his father have a new car — a Buick. It isn’t a new car but Mrs. Dean says it has never been hurt at all. I suppose the road between So. Hartford and No. Argyle will be kept smooth now. Mrs. Dean said, “of course when Fayette wants to take any long ride THEY would have to go with a horse” but I told her I shouldn’t think it necessary as she and Mr. Dean could drive and there surely ought to be room in back for Fayette and Mabel. Bessie tells me that Mabel has taken their school for next year. I was rather surprised for I really thought they would be married this summer.

Did you know that Dallas Bancroft and Irene Barret were married last week? Went to New York on their honey moon and then go direct to Springfield Mass. where Dallas works.

I tried to find that song you spoke of when I was in Glens Falls but didn’t have much time so didn’t find it.

Well it’s time I looked after the kiddies a bit I guess so will close.

As ever