Feb 2, 1919

(Postmarked Feb 3rd, 1919)

My dear Brother:-

I’m lonesome tonight. They tell us we mustn’t tell our boys “over there” that we’re lonesome or wish they were back, but how are we going to help it once in a while? I thought of you so much this after noon and wished you were here — but you WILL be here before long — that’s the best of it. It seems though as if the last few weeks of waiting was always the hardest. But it can’t be for long now and it will be all the nicer when you DO come.

I really don’t know much news this week — have had a head cold all week and so hoarse that I couldn’t talk over the phone scarcely any and you know that’s my principle source of information. Ed and I each received a letter from you last Mon. dated Dec. 30 and 27 respectively and Tue. Bert and Grace got one. I just wish you could have heard Grace’s voice when she called me to tell me about it. You would surely have felt repaid for the effort. Did you ever get any of the letters Bert has written you? I know of his writing several.

In my letter you spoke of the phonograph and said you remembered so well how I enjoyed it when I was sick up home but that maybe I wouldn’t want to recall that time. On the contrary, some of my pleasantest memories are connected with that time. I�ll never forget how kind every body was to me at that time nor how good and patient you boys were with a sick and fussy sister. Guess we all have to be sick or out of luck in some way in order to realize just how much our “own folks” mean to us. And we find every body lots kinder than we ever supposed they were, don’t we?

I received a copy of “The Hill News” yesterday and, while I’ve enjoyed looking it over, I’m sure it will mean lots more to you so will send it along for fear you haven’t received a copy.

Speaking of the phonograph — did I tell you we had sold our old one to Charlie and most of the Standard records with it? There are some of those records I won’t sell but a lot of them we never play. Charlie’s folks got lots of sport out of it.

We changed some Edison records with Aubrey’s folks today so we’ve had some new music this after noon, some of it GOOD. They have an Edison machine.

We got our hay all pussed last week so that’s another good job done. There’s a good many others yet to do before spring though.

Well Sherman, the milk tester is here and I can’t write with him around so guess I’ll have to close.

Here’s hoping we’ll see you soon.