Sunday Feb 23

(Postmarked 24, Feb 1919)

My dear Brother:-

I’m not going to try to write much of a letter tonight for Ransom has been sick for several days and I’m tired. He unloaded part of a carload of fertilizer (in 200 lb. bags) last Thursday and strained himself in some way so that he has been in bed ever since. Had the Dr. up yesterday and today but think he is some better tonight and am in hopes he’ll soon be all right again.

Edith called me last night to tell me of your telegram. How did you happen to send a telegram — didn’t you get John’s letter the first of the week? He called me Mon. to ask about your address and said he was going to send a letter out that day. I’m wondering if you got mine mailed the same day. Was in hopes all our postal troubles would be over now you are in the U.S.A. Well we were awfully glad to hear any way for Bert didn’t receive your letter of Feb. 17 until Friday and we were all imagining you “way out West” or some where else. It’s a good thing to send us some such thing as a telegram once in a while any way — it sort of stirs ups up — gives us some thing to think and talk about.

We are not going to worry any way if you do have to go to another camp — we’re so glad to have you on this side — but we’ll be MIGHTY GLAD when you can come home.

Did you get the letter I wrote you telling about “Buddy” Gilroy’s wife calling me on telephone to inquire for you and to know if YOU knew where he was? She a very anxious as she had a VERY PARTICULAR reason for wanting him home in Feb. and, up to the time you arrived, she hadn’t heard from him since Nov. 28. But just last week we saw in the paper that he landed “over here” and stationed at Fort Dix. I’m so glad for her — and for him too.

Well how I do run on when I get started talking. Guess I could keep it up all night if there was nothing else to do. But I must write another letter tonight and Ransom may need me before long.

Lots of love and I just hope it won’t be long before we have you home again.


Bert is having another attack of quinsy. Is pretty bad today I guess. Grace says these men are no good any way.