Lack of flexibility affects us far more than most people realize! Muscle tension happens whether if you are working out consistently or not. By sitting down all day, muscles through the hips have a tendency to tighten up considerably. These tight hip muscles can shorten your body’s range of motion. This impaired range of motion can lead to slight alterations in how you do simple daily tasks like standing, walking, or even holding things like groceries. Not only does your daily movement get impaired by muscle tension but acute to chronic pain begins to happen too. Often times, moderate to severe lower back pain can be the result of that muscle tension. Life does not have to be that way!

Facilitated Stretching helps you improve your limited range of motion by progressively stretching muscles beyond its current capabilities in a pain free and relaxing method. The goal of this method is to help create permanent improvements in your range of motion. Our Facilitated Stretch coaches are nationally accredited and help you through using techniques like proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, perpetual motion, static, dynamic stretching and myofascial release techniques.

Facilitated stretching is the fastest growing trend in fitness right now with good reason, it works! If you are tired of living with chronic back, hip, knee or shoulder pain, then set up your appointment today!

Cost: $80-$95 per session based on package purchased. 1st time client discount of 10% available.