December 1, 1918

(Postmarked Dec 2, 1918, the enclosed letter is not from Minnie but rather her older sister Jennie)

My dear brother Myron,

It is a beautiful sunshiny Sunday here only rather cold. But we must expect more or less cold weather for some time now. Do you know it seems as if you had been here among us this last week. Last Monday morning Miss Anna Pfau phoned to me that she has a letter from Sergt. M.J. Whittemore, and it was such a wonderful letter. She told me quite a lot about it. Then just about noon that same day Minnie phoned that she too had a wonderful letter from Myron and told me all about it, then right after dinner Bessie phoned to me that she had a letter from 2nd LIEU. M.J. WHITTEMORE and told me about her letter. And that evening Anna Pfau phoned me again and she said as she was looking at your letter again, she noticed in the corner that it was censored by 2nd LIEU. M.J. W-. she says “Isn�t that fine? Why I am just as pleased as if it was some of my own folks.” She also said Dora Yarter had received a card from you. THEN last-but-not-least, in Wednesday’s mail came my letter BEST of all. Dear boy, it is just DEAR of you to remember me and my birthday in far off France. And such a LOVELY handkerchief! I hope I may keep it ALWAYS and pass it down from generation to generation to remember OUR SOLDIER BOY. Mere words fail to express my thanks as I feel it, but I do thank you MANY MANY times for the gift, but the loving thought which prompted it. I thank you most of all. You did get your commission didn’t you? I’m so glad for you but I knew all the time you WOULD receive it. When Marion told Mrs. Norton, the teacher, she said she had been expecting you would get THAT or may be more, and Bernard said “Mama if Uncle Myron hadn’t been sick last winter, he would be GENERAL by now, wouldn�t he?” and I said “YES, SIR.” Well, you KNOW WE are very proud of you so it is needless to say more, only, however, great the honor is you are deserving of it all. Did the ($200) two hundred dollars that I cablegramed to you reach you in time, or did you get it at all? Mrs. Hattie Hakes sent word to me she wants to send congratulations to you.

Edwin and Ralph have gone over to Willard’s’ and Marion, Bernard, Doris and Kenneth are making fudge and popping corn. Wish YOU were here, so you and I could EAT popcorn and candy and VISIT. We went to Lake George to Mr. Lockhart’s Friday. We had a nice trip and a very nice visit. Thanksgiving Day we spent at home, all by our lonesome. I expect that some day I have to go to Glens Falls and do my Christmas shopping. I wish it was all done. I think I will go down and go with Bert and Grace. It makes Edwin nervous to go shopping so I will just have to leave him at home to take care of Kenneth. Last week, Edwin took some of his wheat that he grew, to Ft. Edward and had it ground. We had a barrel full, and I have made bread of it once and it is good so we feel quite pleased. Our hired man is gone so we are alone. It does seem rather good too. I am wondering what you are doing since receiving your commission? We are hoping you may be coming home before long. May be you will be ready to start by the time you receive this. Well you can come home none to soon to suit us. I hope you keep well and have some good times. Write when you can. Lots of love from your sister.