Sunday Eve

(Postmarked December 2nd, 1918)

My dear Myron:-

You see I can’t get used to it’s being Dec. – it hardly seems possible that it’s only about three weeks till Christmas. I’m afraid the holiday season will be here before I’m ready for it.

Well first, I want to congratulate you on receiving your commission! It’s just fine but nothing more than I expected — I just knew you’d get it if you only got a chance to try for it and every one that hears of it is so pleased — you can imagine all the nice things Mr. Dean said about it. How does it feel to be “Lieutenant” Whittemore.

I received your letter of October 28 the same day that Bessie got the one of Nov. 4 announcing your good luck. But mine arrived an hour or so before hers so I felt quite stuck on myself for a little while any way. I DID enjoy that letter so much — it was a DANDY letter. And what you said about Helen and the rest of the girls, of course, pleased me too for we sisters don’t like to give up on our brother until we have to — but I really hadn’t felt alarmed YET. Wait till you get home though! One of them will make you come to terms almost before you know it I’ll bet! Never mind, if “she�s” only as nice as I think “she” would HAVE to be to please you, “she” will make a delightful sister.

By the way, did you know that you censored your letter to me? That was before you had your commission you know. On the envelope you wrote “Censored by” and “2nd Lieut. U.S. Inf.” With a space between as you always do. Well in that space was written “M.J. Whittemore” in some one else’s writing I’m sure. I discovered it just before Bessie called to tell of her letter. Speaking of censoring letters — you remember Everett Peister don’t you? He got his commission before he went over, in Kansas. On the way over he was in charge of some Negro troops and wrote to the home folks about one darky boy’s letter that he censored. This boy wrote to the home folks that he wanted them to send him a box at Christmas and in it he wanted them to put some “home made pies, home made cake, home made cookies, fried chicken, goose, candy, oranges and bananas and — ANYTHING ELSE THEY COULD THINK OF THAT WAS GOOD TO EAT!” What do you think of that? Guess that fellow was hungry.

We have had a carpenter nearly a week now but have a lot do yet. The roof is on the silo and alley up but they are just started on the calf barn.

I didn’t have company on Thanksgiving — only Mr. Saddler. We didn’t try for a very elaborate dinner — fried chicken, dressing, backed potatoes, rolls, cabbage salad, pickles, olives, jelly, coffee, ice cream and cake.

Well it’s time for lunch now and then we’ve got a big kettle of pop corn — come eat with me.

I haven’t heard yet what you want in your comfort bag. Don’t fail to let us know for we are waiting to hear.

Lots of love

Ransom and the kids want me to congratulate you on your good luck in obtaining your commission.