Sun. eve.
7:40 P.M.

(Postmarked April 28th, 1918)

Dear Myron:-

Well I guess we are all home and settled down into every day life again. I just wish I could see you now. I wonder where you are and what you are doing. Well, it has certainly been a wonderful day — the only thing I feel sorry about is that we didn’t meet your friend and have a chance to thank him for his kindness in making it possible for you to come home. Thank him for me, will you? I tell you we all appreciated it.

Well we had one of Edith’s wonderful dinners. Will it make you hungry if I tell you what we had? Escalloped potatoes, pressed beef, lettuce, creamed parsnips, string bean & cucumber salad, jelly, pickles, bread & butter, fruit pudding, cake and coffee. Don’t that sound good?

After dinner we thought Edith looked tired so, after a good deal of persuasion, we got her and John to got for a ride with Ransom while Jen, Bessie and I did up the dishes. Ransom took them to Ft. Ann and back so we had time to get things all straightened out before that got back.

When Edith starts to do anything she certainly “does is up brown.”

Everything was lovely when we got home — the children were all right and I don’t think had had a bad time at all.

Well there’s no NEWS tonight so guess I may as well stop — this was only to say “hello” any way.

Your Loving sister

Mon P.M.

Coras Barker called to inquire for you this morning and she told me that Alonzo Carlisle has enlisted — goes this week.